Location is everything!

Where are you going to hold your event and how do you go about picking the perfect location? Whether you opt for at home, a venue or outdoors, there are a few things you need to consider - space, accessibility and overall atmosphere. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, position your long tables and dining chairs before laying the tablecloths as the foundation of your tablescape.


Set the scene.

Next up, it’s time to set the scene and this means laying a place for each of your guests. When doing so, be mindful of positioning. It’s important there is enough space between guests for them to sit and dine comfortably. It’s also key there is adequate room for the rest of your tablescape and, most importantly, the food and beverages, so keep these things in mind when you’re setting each place.


Layer it up.

Assign the appropriate cutlery and glassware to each of your settings. Be sure to consider the type of food and beverages that are featured on your menu to ensure you’ve all bases covered for your guests. For cutlery, the fork is placed directly to the left of each plate, then the knife goes directly to the right of the plate, followed by the spoon. Set glassware to the right corner - the water tumbler directly above the knife and, whilst it isn’t exactly traditional, we like to set the wine glass to the left of the water tumbler and champagne glass slightly above the water tumbler for ease of toasting!


Neat with napery.

Let’s get started with napery. There are SO many different ways you can fold your napkins and each approach puts a different spin on your tablescape. From a simple fold or knot to something a little more complicated, napkin folds are a way to add your own personal touch to the table design. If you're looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our go-to napkin folds here.


Time for the magic!

Now, let’s bring the table to life! We like to start by grouping the table decor into small clusters and scatter them down the centre of your table - a couple of vases here, a few candle holders there. Grouping the decor pieces not only looks amazing, but also helps to leave room for food and beverage to be served.


Flower power.

Whether you’ve chosen to supply your own florals, or we’ve carefully selected this season’s freshest blooms for you, there are a few things you should do in preparing your floristry. Begin with trimming your stems and removing any excess leaves and damaged petals. Choose your focal florals and use them as the feature of your arrangement before building out with smaller flowers and greenery for texture. Check out your vase from every angle to ensure it’s looking its best from each guests’ perspective. Lastly, fill each vase with water and you’re ready to go!


The final countdown.

You’re ready for the finishing touches! Fire up those candles, get the music going and lay your event stationery so you are totally ready for your guests' arrival. Don’t forget to capture a few pictures of your amazing work then, pour yourself a sneaky pre-party beverage and enjoy!