How to: Perfect a party playlist.

How to: Perfect a party playlist.

If there’s one thing that puts everyone into the #mood to party it’s the perfect playlist. And, whilst the ideal blend of beats might be different from person to person, we think it’s fair to say that as long as your track list is bringing a vibe, it’s sure to be a success. But, how do you refine the ultimate playlist? We’re here to share our top tips. 

Your track list should match the party’s style and theme. 

This might seem a little obvious to the entertaining veterans out there, but the music list MUST be reflective of the occasion. No matter whether you’re throwing a family dinner, a birthday bash or a bridal shower, the chosen list of songs must seamlessly blend with the party’s overarching theme. Yes, believe it or not, that means WAP doesn’t immediately get the green light for every playlist! 

Some key factors to consider are;

- What time is the event ie. day or night?

- What is the age range of the guests present?

- What kind of mood are you looking to set?

Know the duration of your event.

There’s only one thing worse than a bad party playlist, and that’s a good one that simply isn’t long enough! Absolutely no one wants to hear a repeat of the same songs so it’s critical you have an understanding of the duration of your event. Luckily, Spotify makes it super easy to keep tabs on this by sharing the duration of playlists on their platform. We also suggest you over-prepare, so be sure to add a few extra songs in case your event runs overtime. 

To shuffle or not to shuffle?

Ah, the great debate! But, if you’re asking for our opinion, it’s a huge no-no. To us, a playlist must be organised and it should build the crowd up to a crescendo. Often when you simply place your playlist on shuffle, your music library becomes disjointed which can cause the party atmosphere to be confused and inevitably sour. Instead, create a plan on how you will get the crowd into the groove, and arrange your tracks into a specific order from slow to more up-tempo and fun. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. 

A party will start to go flat when the guests can easily predict the next song to be played, so it’s important you be adventurous. Mix a few nostalgic tunes with newer ones to curate the ideal list. If you’re stuck, we like to add our favourite songs for the style of the event and then use Spotify’s list of ‘Recommended’ tunes to find more. It’s such a helpful tool to ensure you’re mixing up the artists and genres whilst keeping to a similar theme. 

Would you rather leave it to the pros?

If you are strapped for time or ideas, then there is always the option of a professional DJ. The right DJ knows exactly how to get the party started and will be sure to mix up the tunes with a few forgotten hits to spice up the festivities. Alternatively, search for ‘The Curated Table’ on Spotify to find a range of carefully selected playlists to suit every occasion. 

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